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Beaches in Manuel Antonio

So you have visited the National Park, participated in a couple of activities and now you just want a nice and relaxing day on the beach. Well Manuel Antonio has also plenty to offer for a nice beach day. There are five beaches in Manuel Antonio (National Park beaches not included). Beaches where you can snorkel, beaches that are good for surfing, beaches with minimal waves that are ideal for a kayaking trip or a nice quiet secluded difficult to reach beach with not a lot of other people. Some beaches are easy to reach by bus and others are a bit of a walk/hike away. On this page you will find the information you need for the different beaches.

Playa Biesanz

Hidden down a rugged jungle trail, deep in the heart of Manuel Antonio, visitors will find a beautiful protected cove that harbors some of the area’s most pristine beaches. Playa Biesanz is one of our top 3 beaches in the Manuel Antonio area and a great beach for calmer waters and beautiful views.  This small cove beach isn’t super easy to get to but for those who make the journey, it is well worth the trip.

Arriving at the entrance to the trailhead, visitors are normally met by street parking guards who pledge to guard vehicles for a couple thousand colones. While these guys are not official government employees, they can be trusted to keep an eye on your car, and it becomes your decision if you want to support their cause. These car attendants depend on your good graces and can absolutely be trusted to protect your vehicle from theft and damage.

From the parking area, Playa Biesanz is just a short hike away. This beach is the best beach in the area for snorkeling. Rent or bring your own snorkel and fins and swim out to a rocky area off the coast where visibility is best and fish are prevalent. This area will usually be marked by tour boats that bring their guests to snorkel here. You can typically rent a kayak and snorkel gear by the hour from locals on the beach. If you decide to swim out to the rocky snorkel area, be sure to have a life jacket as the swim is further than it looks. This is the best beach for small children and calm waters as it is a protected cove with small waves.